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September 19th @ SourceKey checklist:

After asking everyone to put their posts on this page, and not being so successful at it. I decided to lead by example. So here I am, and sharing my Work @ Sourcekey checklist:
  1. Over 2 years in Sourcekey. I am having fun@work. Check :)
  2. Great Bosses: Check :)
  3. Fun Colleagues: Check :)
  4. Great Conversations: Check :)
  5. Recreation: Check :)
  6. Work Timings: Sensitive. But still Check :)
  7. Coffee & Popcorn: Double Check :)
  8. Should you Work @ Sourcekey ? Double Check :)

  9. Thanks
    Tushar kumar (Delhi-NCR Team)

June 17th ,2012
So finally I sit to write my experience at sourcekey , followed by a stupendous party last night. After spending nearly 3months at the red-bull charged Sourcekey, all I can say is the experience has made me taller, stronger, sharper ;)...on a serious note… I am more happy.
Joining as a Digital Marketing Consultant, I learnt the basic nuances of e-commerce and how to work with a talented team. Working With Talented BOSSES , made the journey smoother with their professional and emotional support. Preparing presentations, working on our very own X-Men tool-Magneto… I mean Magento, having crass Chinese food with my vivacious colleagues, harassing Ameet, Akshay and now Upender for their intellectual help
The experience of working with Sourcekey has been a roller-coaster ride of high emotions and great results. Made loads of life-long friends, bought myself a sexy phone and learning the tricks of the trade, as long as it lasts, I am relishing each moment here!

Best Regards,
Anand (Mumbai Team)

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